Dealing With A Break Up

The Magic Of Making UpDealing with a break up

The person you love dumps you….

It feels like the worst thing that could ever happen…

And that’s where the whole situation gets even riskier…

Because when you feel at your worst, people often do dumb things which makes the situation worse!

I remember once a girl I really loved one day decided that she was going to dump me…

I felt devastated and didn’t know what to do!

And in that moment of desperation, I acted in a desperate way and probably drove her further away from me!

In fact, I blew any chances I had of getting back together with her!

The really weird thing is, when I finally let go of trying, she ended up getting in touch with me and wanting to get back with me!

Now, if only I had know what to do in that situation, I really believe I could have stayed with her and won her back!

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In fact, it was only years later that I discovered some amazing programs to help people do just that – get back the person they love!

When I discovered the Magic Of Making Up, I found some key principles and techniques that I now am sure could have saved me more than a year of heartache!

I knew other people that had managed to win back their ex, but I didn’t know what to do.

And it’s knowing what other people do that works, that makes the difference.

I mean, I had no idea what to do, but the Magic of Making Up put together the strategies of saving relationships that really work.

And what I really liked about it was that it didn’t use any cheap psychological gimmicks, just sound principles that anyone can use and feel natural using.

I remember when that ex left me, I had some questions that I really felt I needed answering. Questions like:

  • Why did she leave me?
  • Did she still have feelings for me?
  • What should I do or say?
  • How can I feel good about myself again?
  • How can I reignite feelings in her again?

Well, when I first found out about the Magic of Making Up, I found answers to those questions.

And now I know that rather than site back and feel sorry for myself, there are actually things I could do to get the person I loved back. Suddenly dealing with a break up wasn’t just about feeling bad, but an opportunity to take action and make the relationship even stronger in the future.

Sure, dealing with a break up is different for different relationships, but it when I learned about the program, it was now more about dealing with strategies not to cope with a break up, but about  how to win my ex back.

I really believe now that although people are complicated, there are certain needs and wants that we all share, and when we can tap into those things, we can truly transform the way we feel and behave whenever we are faced with dealing with a break up!

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